You like to smoke a little? Maybe even more than little? Then you are building a little barricade in your body. A barricade that will make you wish you stopped years ago. Smoking kills. And not only that, it prevents a healthy erection. How? Smoking and all those toxins in it are a waste, which will invest your blood and blood cells, damaging them in the long run. Many smokers have problem with „getting him up“, some are lucky enough that they will get erectile problems in their old age and they will all blame it on the „years“ of service. If you want to prevent these problems, you should quit smoking or never start.

Working at the office is just as bad

Are you working all day in the office, sitting in a comfortable chair, and not moving at all? That’s all bad since you are making things worse for your erection. The warm of the chair, not enough movement, and stress – this is one goulash of a trouble. It’s always important to regularly exercise and you should learn how to calm yourself. Stress is just as bad as smoking, never underestimate psychology and its effect on the human body.